Altcoin Roundup: 3 P2E games that don’t need Ethereum to make waves

Blockchain-based play to earn (P2E) gaming was one the most important stories of 2021. Games like Axie Infinity became hugely popular and players realized they could make life-changing money while having fun.

Number of weekly games using blockchain Footprint Analytics

Footprint Analytics data shows that the Ethereum network is still the most popular for games. However, persistently high fees, network congestion, and network congestion have forced a growing number players to layer-2, cross chain, bridge-supporting networks, and other blockchains that offer lower transaction costs.

Here are some non-Ethereum blockchain networks which are gaining popularity for their P2E offerings, and the most popular games.


Footprint Analytics data shows that Harmony is the most active blockchain network by daily volume. Harmony uses random state sharding in order to scale the network and allow for the creation and use decentralized applications.

Daily volume by game and blockchain. Footprint Analytics

The graphic above shows that the Harmony network processed $22.26 million in transactions per day, compared to the $14 millions being processed on the Ronin sidechain which is home of Axie Infinity.

DeFi Kingdoms is the most popular Harmony game. This project combines decentralized finance (DeFi), P2E gaming, and nonfungible tokens to create a unique experience.

DeFi Kingdoms, similar to Axie Infinity’s dominance over Ronin, is currently Harmony’s main gaming option. However, the protocol’s ability handle the high demand the game places on Harmony could attract other projects.


Polygon, a leading P2E gaming platform, is also a popular choice. The layer-2 scaling solution for Ethereum currently processes an average of $10.35million per day for its gaming community.

DappRadar data shows that Pegaxy is the most played game on the Polygon network. This free-to-play mech horse racing game lets users race mythological creatures called Pega to earn monetary rewards.

User statistics for Pegaxy. Source: DappRadar

Other popular games on Polygon include Revv Racing, Arc8 By Gamee, and DeFi-focused NFT Game Aavegotchi.

Binance Smart Chain

The Binance Smart Chain, which currently has $7.26 Million in gaming transactions within its gaming community, is closely following the gaming activity on Polygon.

DappRadar data shows that Elfin Kingdom and Bomb Crypto are the most played games on BSC.

The top 5 most popular games in BSC based on volume. Source: DappRadar

Mobox: NFT Farmer may see a significant increase in demand and coverage. The most recent data, which has not been incorporated into the analytic averages, indicates that the volume of transactions on the game jumped from $439,000.500 on February 7, to $47.16 Million on February 8.

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Top-rated games and networks in the making

There has been a drop in gaming activity on popular blockchain networks after Ethereum, Polygon and BSC are accounted for. However, there are many communities looking to gain traction.

Algorand is a popular up-and coming company, while Solana is at $98,099 and $138,095 respectively.

It is also worth noting the fact that Wax, despite processing a daily average volume of $38,424, has Footprint Analytics data that shows it to have the second-largest gaming community and fifth in terms of number of games launched.

Market for gamers. Footprint Analytics

The Hive network-based Splinterlands card games have consistently outperformed all other games, regardless of network. It is followed by Farmers World (Wax) and Upland (EOS).

According to gamer ratings, the top 10 games. Footprint Analytics.

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