How Bitcoin Started The Age of Crypto

Bitcoin (BTC) is developed by a pseudonymous entrepreneur or group referred to as Satoshi Nakamoto in the year 2008 and is the first cryptocurrency that made it through where decades of experiments with digital cash did not.

Bitcoin’s policy of monetary regulation is implemented with a unique mix of cryptography, software and financial incentives, rather than the decisions of third-party. Bitcoin’s Bitcoin network is driven by a cryptographically safe verified database called the blockchain. It is an invention of technology.

The Bitcoin ecosystem is comprised of a global community of participants, including miners who protect the network and facilitate the creation and distribution of Bitcoin currency and the traders who bet on this highly market-driven investment and the developers working to help people transition to the Bitcoin paradigm.

Here at MagnewsPress We are documenting the continuing history about Bitcoin and the development of a permissionless, borderless financial system. What’s changed since Satoshi created his Bitcoin whitepaper? What is the way Bitcoin trading changing through time, what are the best methods of investing in Bitcoin and how can Bitcoin futures impact the use of blockchain? What industry players will do to create Bitcoin an essential part of everyone’s lives? And will the current and traditional systems embrace or resist this new technology?

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