Ethereum 2.0 vs. the top Ethereum killers|The Market Report

Cointelegraph’s “The Market Report”, is now live. This week, Cointelegraph’s resident specialists give details on Ethereum 2.0 and its main competitors. They also discuss how they differ from one another.

We start things off by breaking down the most recent news in the markets this Week. This week’s market news breakdown will provide you with a guideline:

Bitcoin price drops 7% in hours as Bart Simpson, the Bitcoin price guru, returns: Bitcoin (BTC), price action failed at $32,000 and went back to square 1. This triggered $60 million worth of liquidations. What will happen to the current price? How long will it take for Bitcoins to get out of this price range?

Binance’s bad day with SEC investigation and Reuters exposure: The United States Securities and Exchange Commission is reportedly concerned that Binance, the largest crypto exchange in the world, has sold unlicensed securities through its BNB Initial Coin Offering. The news agency Reuters also has a list of old cases. What does it mean for BNB, if the SEC pursues a case against Binance What impact will it have on the trust people have in this exchange?

Next is “Quick Crypto Tips”, a new segment that aims to provide quick and simple tips for newcomers to crypto. This week’s tip is to be wary of pump-and dump schemes.

Market expert Marcel Pechman examines the Bitcoin (ETH) and Ether markets. Is the current market situation bullish or bearish? What are the prospects for the next few weeks? Pechman will break it down. They also discuss market news, which will keep you informed about the most recent developments regarding the top two cryptocurrency.

After Marcel’s market analysis is complete, our experts discuss Eth2, which is now known as the “consensus level” by Ethereum Foundation. They also discuss how it will differ from the previous iteration. They discuss why Eth2 is important and what problems it aims to solve. They also examine it against its closest competitors, known as “Ethereum killers”, to determine if they have the potential to replace Ethereum. This segment contains a lot of useful information so make sure you stay.

We also have insights from Cointelegraph Markets Pro. This platform is for crypto traders who want a step ahead of the market. Two altcoins stood out to the analysts this week were VITE and AUTOfarm’s AUTO.

Are you looking for information on a topic or coin that isn’t covered here? Don’t worry. You can join the YouTube chat and ask your questions there. Markets Pro will give a one-month free subscription to the person who has the most interesting question or comment.

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