Ethereum ‘Merge’ edging closer with final Kiln testnet launch

After the Kiln final public testnet, the much-anticipated Merge on Ethereum is now closer to becoming a reality.

The Ethereum Foundation asked network stakeholders to use Kiln for testing “to ensure smooth transitions on public testnets.”

We strongly recommend developers to run a full test & deployment cycle with Kiln, and report any problems with tools or dependencies that they find to the project’s maintainers.

Tim Beiko, an Ethereum developer, confirmed that Kiln is live and will soon merge with the Beacon Chain. He did this via a March 14 tweet. The testnet was launched in proof-of work mode late last week.

Kiln, the next generation of Ethereum merge testnets is now available. It is highly recommended that node operators and application developers, stakers as well as tooling/infra provider tester their setups on this network. Blog post has all the info to get started
— Tim Beiko | timbeiko.eth (@TimBeiko) March 14, 2022

Kiln is currently operating in a proof of work (PoW), testing environment for Ethereum developers and node operators. This is the last public testnet before the entire network transitions from PoW to proof-of–stake. Kiln will test the merge in full sometime this week.

Cointelgraph spoke to Beiko today, confirming that Kiln would be launched “a week or two from launch to merge.” He stated that Ethereum developers wanted to give the community “the opportunity to test their products through a merger.”

The Kiln Testnet is now working flawlessly. @superphiz @remy_roy, many thanks for your great tutorials.
— Ethereum CLWP EIP-44736 (@EthCLWP), March 14, 2022

Initial launch of Kiln was a PoW testnet, which mimicked the Ethereum network’s operational environment. It was launched in parallel to the Beacon Chain (now known as the consensus layer), which is the first major PoS component for Ethereum 2.0. Here, ETH holders can stake coins and start securing the future Ethereum network.

The Ethereum (ETH) mainnet transition to PoW from PoS will mark a significant milestone in the network’s evolution. The blockchain’s next phase will see staked tokens replace expensive and power-hungry mining equipment.

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The transition event of the network from PoW to PoS, will dock the Beacon Chain and the Ethereum mainnet. According to a crypto financial newsletter Bankless, the Merge could happen as soon as June. However, it was originally scheduled for Q1, 2022.

The Beacon Chain currently earns 4.8% annually in return for investors. The Merge could increase that yield to 15%, and network operational costs may be reduced to a fraction its PoW predecessor, reported Bankless.

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