Ethereum Merge in trouble? Developers find bugs ahead of the planned update

The upcoming ETH Merge, which is one of the most anticipated events within the crypto community, has its challenges. But Ethereum developers are quick and responsive to any issues.

Peter Szilagyi (ETH software developer) announced via Twitter that they had discovered a regression that leads to a corrupted state. It was likely one of the pull-requests that was merged towards the new storage model.

The developer pointed out that the issue could affect all users of the release, causing data loss and corrupting their databases. The bug that causes data loss occurs during shutdown, which is why the tests failed to detect it.

The developers were able provide a solution after just a day despite the problems. Go Ethereum issued a hotfix for the problem. They advised users who have updated to rollback and run again to verify everything is working properly. They tweeted:

Geth v1.10.23 has been released. This hotfix will fix a state corruption in 1.10.22. If you have already updated to.22 you will need to rollback your chain and run the last 2 days again to make sure everything is ok. Sorry about this!
— Go Ethereum (@go_ethereum), August 24, 2022

Szilagyi advised that the community wait until the builders were finished before releasing the patch to make sure they are on the “good” version. Szilagyi apologized via Twitter that he had missed the issue during testing and promised to fix it. The developer thanked all those who helped to resolve the issue.

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In a Cointelegraph interview Lex Sokolin, an economist, described the economic potential of the upcoming ETH Merge. Sokolin claims that the Merge will offer a safer way to stake ETH, and may standardize interest rates in the Web3 space.

The upcoming ETH Merge will have economic consequences, but it also forces miners to make a decision. One solution for miners could be a proof of work (PoW), Ethereum hard fork. Some mining pools, on the other hand have demonstrated that they are moving to stakes.

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