Ethereum Merge was ‘executed flawlessly,’ says Starkware co-founder

Eli Ben-Sasson was the co-founder and CEO of Starkware. He spoke out about the transition to PoS, which was highly anticipated by Ethereum network users.

At the Token2049 event Ben-Sasson spoke to Gareth Jenkinson, Cointelegraph’s executive. He shared his thoughts about the current situation and the impact it has on layer-2 projects such as Starkware. The executive also shared his thoughts about the adoption of layer-2 products, and crypto winter.

Ben-Sasson, looking back at the execution of the Ethereum Merge, was happy that everything went as planned. The executive explained that:

“It was flawlessly executed is the most important thing.” All that was expected to happen happened. None of the things people were concerned about actually happened. That’s great news!

The executive also stressed the importance of the Ethereum network being more sustainable. It reduces carbon footprint. He said that this is the most important thing and bodes well for future improvements.

Ben-Sasson said that the Merge makes Ethereum a more secure layer of settlement and a more friendly platform to layer-2 solutions. Starkware executives highlighted the Merge as a significant development that could allow them to offer scaling, compression of computing and other technological improvements.

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Ben-Sasson shared with us that Starkware solutions have been adopted and embraced by most people because they are compatible with other successful projects in layer-1 Ethereum. This includes blockchain gaming, decentralized finance (DeFi), and nonfungible tokens. The executive also shared his hopes for the future. He stated that:

“I believe that eventually, the ability run massively more computations with a very small gas footprint will open up new and more important applications.”

The executive shared his conviction that despite the fact that many people refer to the current crypto and blockchain situation as a “crypto winter”, their team feels something else. He said, “We feel it like spring towards the balmy Summer.”

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