Ethereum price ‘cup and handle’ pattern hints at potential breakout versus Bitcoin

After hitting 0.049 locally on June 13, Ethereum’s native token Ether has rebounded by 40% against Bitcoin (BTC). The ETH/BTC pair has now reached two-month highs, and could continue its rally in coming weeks according to a classic technical pattern.

ETH paints handle and cup pattern

ETH/BTC is forming a “cup & handle” on its lower timeframe charts since July 18.

A cup-and-handle setup is common when the price falls. Then, it rebounds in what looks like a U-shaped recovery. This looks like a “cup”. The recovery causes a pullback, in which the price trend lower within a downward channel called the handle.

After the price rises to an approximate equal amount to the previous decline, the pattern will resolve. A similar bullish technical setup can be seen in the ETH/BTC chart.

Chart of the four-hour price of ETH/BTC Source: TradingView

The pair trades now lower within the handle range, but could recover towards the neckline resistance at 0.071 BTC. ETH/BTC could then rise to 0.072 if it breaks above the neckline resistance, which would be 12.75% more than today’s price.

According to Tom Bulkowski, a veteran investor, the success rate for the cup and handle patterns in reaching their profit target is 61%.

The Merge factor

The bullish setup of ETH/BTC also draws inspiration from Ethereum’s transition from proof-of work (PoW), to proof-ofstake (PoS), possibly via “the Merge”, which is scheduled for mid September.

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Market analyst Michael van de Poppe believes that Ether may see greater upside than Bitcoin because of the Merge hype, as momentum builds over the next weeks.

There are only a few levels of $ETH. Resistance at 0.0725 $BTC Support at 0.0645 $BTC and 0.057 $BTC. Expect more momentum to the September merge.
— Michael van de Poppe (@CryptoMichNL) July 23, 2022

Van de Poppe expects ETH/BTC will test 0.072 (the cup-and-handle profit goal), as interim resistance, while holding either 0.0645 level or 0.057 as support.

Weekly chart of ETH/BTC prices. Source: TradingView/Michael van de Poppe

The Merge update presents a range of risks to Ethereum, including technical issues, delays, or even a hard fork. A bug in the Ethereum blockchain had caused a split during a 2020 network update.

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