MyEtherWallet allows users to mint Ethereum blocks as NFTs

MyEtherWallet (or MEW) launched its first NFT collection, ETH Blocks, on Thursday. This tokenizes individual blocks on Ethereum’s blockchain. Based on data from each block, unique images are created for ETH Blocks. These NFTs can only be accessed by MEW users through the MyEtherWallet site.

According to the company, a number of blocks have been claimed. The founders of Ethereum called for first dibs on blocks 1-10. The History of Ethereum also has thirteen ETH Blocks. These represent major milestones and updates to Ethereum’s blockchain. The auction ends on March 31st. The proceeds of the auction will go to organizations like Wikipedia, Girls Who Code, and NPR.

Cointelegraph spoke to Kosala Shemachandra, CEO at MEW, about how the original Ethereum wallet decided to embrace NFTs, and how MEW innovates on the Ethereum blockchain.

“MEW is committed to making history by bringing in NFTs to assist newcomers as well as experienced users to explore a new way to Ethereum in a trusted setting.”

He explained that the project would allow everyone to have full access to the Ethereum blockchain. He explained that NFT markets are built on Ethereum blockchain and it was “logical” to allow Ethereum users of all skill levels to create their own pieces of the blockchain.

Hemachandra answered Cointelegraph’s question about the value of owning an ETH Block.

ETH Blocks can be sentimental, meaningful, or educational. The ETH Blocks can be controlled by users in any way that they like. Users can also be as creative with the sharing of ETH Blocks and the moment they mint.

Hemachandra said that ETH Blocks are sentimental to users but that Ethereum’s history, and “every single fork and upgrade” hold a special place in the MEW team’s hearts. Hemachandra pointed out that MEW has been a leader in innovation for the Etherum community since the creation of the Ethereum blockchain and MyEtherWallet in 2015.

“We believe [Ethereum] has the potential to grow into the undisputed best blockchain for Web3. With ETH Blocks, all of us can now remember how we got there!

Hemachandra published an article about NFTs’ value for Cointelegraph earlier this year. Hemachandra and the MEW team are excited to announce ETH Blocks. They hope to demonstrate their belief in Ethereum’s potential and the endurance of NFTs.

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