Will Ethereum ever surpass Bitcoin? Crypto community answers

ETH (ETH) is down nearly 40% against Bitcoin (BTC), which may worry ETH traders. However, members of the crypto community on Twitter shared their thoughts on the possibility that the smart contract platform could eventually surpass Bitcoin (BTC).

The Cointelegraph social media team asked crypto community members to post their views on whether Ethereum could eventually surpass Bitcoin. The community provided a range of answers, from predicting it in 2030 to a firm yes, and everything in between.

Jesus Crypto believes that ETH could surpass BTC by 2030. Although the Twitter user believes it will be difficult, the upcoming shift from proof-of-stake to PoS may help ETH win the throne in ten years.

Twitter user WakeNBakeTrades calls Bitcoin a dinosaur and believes that Ethereum can surpass Bitcoin with Polygon’s (MATIC), scaling. They tweeted:

Bitcoin is an outdated currency that has no utility. As long as eth can scale polygonally, there is a good chance that it will surpass bitcoin in the near future.
— Western Chad (@WakeNBakeTrades), July 13, 2022

Rahul Singh, on the other hand, argued that it won’t happen because BTC is digital gold and ETH is the second iteration. Singh pointed out that digital software and digital assets have different values. CyberKingK, a Twitter user, agreed with this sentiment and tweeted:

There is no way Bitcoin will ever be king.
— Muhammad Jamal Ali (@CyberKingK) July 13, 2022

Bob Shiby, a Twitter user, also commented on the subject saying that “there’s lots of room for both.”

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A researcher from decentralized finance (DeFi), stated earlier in July that the Merge would create an economic structure that will allow ETH to surpass BTC. According to the researcher, ETH inflation would fall, security would rise, and the asset would be able to become a digital bond.


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